Speaker Date Topic
City of Ottawa Councillor Jean Cloutier Jun 02, 2020
The city’s response and the challenges related to the current pandemic."
Andy Scott Jun 09, 2020
hockey experiences during these uncertain times

Tuesday June 9 1230-1345 via Zoom Andy Scott will speak to us about his hockey experiences during these uncertain times. Andy coach’s hockey and is a wealth of information on how physical and social distancing is affecting his team and the game. Introduced: Ron Scott Thanked: Rocco Disipio

RCWO Jun 16, 2020
Final Committee Reports Jun 23, 2020
Final Committee Reports: Community Services and the Youth Services Committee Reports.
RCWO Jun 30, 2020
Tuesday June 30th 1230-1345 via Zoom: Virtual Change Over Meeting
TBA Jul 21, 2020
TBA Aug 18, 2020
TBA - Sep 15, 2020