Gurbachan Singh Bedi

The Rotary Club of West Ottawa awarded Gurbanchan Singh Bedi, a founding member of the Pubjabi-Canadian Seniors Association, the Paul Harris Fellow Award.


Mr. Bedi, a natural leader, initiated interaction with the Ottawa Community Immigration Services and the Jewish Family Services. He played a leading role in facilitating communications among various faith groups promoting understanding between Hindus, Muslims Sikhs, Christians and other faiths.


A story-teller by nature, Mr Bedi entertains seniors with his own stories. On the World Wide Web, millions of people can now read1430 pages of Sikh scriptures and 6000 hymns thanks to the efforts of Mr. Bedi who transliterated ancient texts into Urdu script.


Mr. Bedi exemplifies the qualities of a good citizen, a role model of a community builder.  Read citation.








Peggy Taillon
The Rotary Club of West Ottawa awarded Peggy Taillon the Paul Harris Fellow Award for outstanding community service.
Ms Taillon’s exhibited a commitment to helping others and to social justice through her executive leadership of the Bruyere Hospital Foundation, the Ottawa Hospital and leadership on the Canadian Council on Social Development. 
Internationally, Ms. Taillon founded the Hera Mission in the village of Asembo Bay, Kenya, raising more than $350,000 for development projects empowering women, children and grandmothers. This supported projects assisting to over 500 orphans, and hundreds of widows and grandmothers in an area ravaged by AIDS and malaria.
With this award, RCWO honours Ms Taillon for extraordinary community service in support of women, children and the elderly.  Read Citation.
Gina St Amour

The RCWO presented Gina St Amour the Paul Harris Fellow Award.

Growing up in a small town in Northern Ontario made ‘Service Above Self’ natural for Gina St Amour. She went on to work with the Children’s Aid Society and a mobile crisis team in Northern Ontario. With this experience and a degree majoring in Family and Social Relations she became the Executive Director of the Ottawa Rotary Home.


In addition to excellent management Gina has overcome many obstacles in developing a centre of excellence for respite care for families caring for handicapped children and adults. She supports staff training with an online teaching program. With her leadership the Home offers leading edge care, attracting visits from near and far to learn about the provision of respite care.


Gina reaches out to the community, working with parent groups to facilitate respite care for their severely handicapped children and adults.

She fostered the development of the Ottawa Joint Advisory Group for client families of Rotary Home, the Ottawa Treatment Centre and Roger’s House. She supports fundraisers for the Home in association with the Rotary Home Foundation and the Angel Donor Campaign.


Gina goes above and beyond the call of duty in the facilitation of quality respite care for families in the Ottawa region.   Read Citation.

Rotarians Honoured with Paul Harris Fellow Awards

Past President Chris Wanna receives his Paul Harris Fellow Award from President Jean Bégin.  Read Citation.
Outgoing Secretary Mary Wattie receives her Paul Harris Fellow Award from President Jean Bégin.  Read Citation.
Mums for Thanksgiving Co-Chair Don Butler receives his Paul Harris Fellow Award from President Jean Bégin.  Read Citation.