We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for our members and their family's hard work and dedication during the river cleanup event. Our Earth Day activities included our 1) Great Lakes Watershed cleanup including Rotary's Brewer Park Playground and 2) developing a sustainability information brochure.
During the river cleanup, members gathered to remove trash and debris along the Rideau river's edge and bank; along with cleaning Rotary's Brewer Park playground and surroundings helping to restore its beauty. Our team of fifteen members collected approximately ten bags of trash. It was inspiring to see the teamwork, enthusiasm and commitment by our Rotary family. We had fun! We look forward to working together towards future sustainable initiatives. 
Caroline DeWitt & Sucha Mann, Co-Chairs RCWO Environment Committee
Rotary D7040, No Mow May (see piclawn signs are available. No Mow May can play a crucial role in supporting pollinators allowing wildflowers and other plants to grow freely providing a much-needed source of nectar for bees, butterflies, and other important pollinators. Thanks to President Graeme offering to assist in accessing/distributing the lawn signs.
Our committee developed a brochure/poster to support sustainability efforts by raising awareness about Dim the Lights energy conservation initiative. The attached brochure, Ontario Home Energy Use provides options for eco-friendly practices.