May 16, 2023 12:30 PM
Yves Lafontaine / Zora BriceƱo
The migration's crisis in South America. Introducer and Thanker Yves Lafontaine


The main idea of this presentation is to explain the migration's crisis in Sourth America. 

I started the introduction by talking about Venezuela because most migrants who move to South America come from Venezuela. For that reason, I will focus on the causes of the Venezuelan crisis and how the crisis has pushed millions of Venezuelans, including me to leave our country. 

The body of these presentations will focus on the political and economic crises. I will explain how the economic crisis hits the daily life of my community in terms of public services, inflation, and education. Note: For the next presentation, I will update the official data because it's changing constantly. Finally, I will talk about my journey as a migrant. 

In order to draw some conclusions I bring up The Rufo Chacon's case. He is a young boy who lost his eyes in a riot for domestic gas. For me, this is an example that shows the breakdown of a country where if you rise your voice for your rights, you can lose your eyes or life.