Posted on Mar 12, 2019
It has been 50 years of perfect attendance in a long and distinguished Rotary presence for Jack Troughton.  Today this achievement was celebrated by the attendance today of his family and more than a dozen Past, Present and Future District Governors at his home club of the Rotary Club of West Ottawa.
RCWO Past President Jean Bégin presents Jack Troughton with his pin for 50 year of perfect Rotary attendance
Dozens of guests filled the church basement of St. Elias Cathedral in Ottawa today as Jack Troughton's works in Rotary were commended and celebrated.  As of March 11, 2019, it has been 50 years since Jack was inducted into Rotary.  Fifty years of perfect attendance and he now has the pin to prove it. 
A number of people stood to speak about Jack and his Rotary accomplishments.  This letter from the RCWO president Pardeep Ahluwalia (who was unable to attend the meeting) was read to the attendees by Past President Jean Bégin:
As Club President, one of the most enjoyable parts of the role is the very pleasurable task of
honouring Club members for their achievements.
We all know that attending Club meetings can sometimes be difficult, but one of our members
seems to have been able to overcome all obstacles to get to them – or find ways of doing meeting
make-ups. This member attended his first Rotary meeting on March 11, 1969, and has maintained a
perfect attendance record ever since! He served the Rotary Club of West Ottawa as President in
1974-75, and continues to be active in a number of the Club’s committees. He served Rotary at the
District level as well, as our District Governor in 199495. Our honouree is an Honoured Life
Member of the Rotary Club of West Ottawa, and has been recognized by Rotary International with
the Rotary Avenues of Service Award in 2002, and by the Rotary Foundation with the Citation for
Meritorious Service in 1998-99, and the Distinguished Service Award in 2005-06. And I am sure
there are many others that I was not able to find.
I am in awe of not only his ability to maintain such a record, but of his demonstrated commitment
to Rotary and all of its ideals. And I am grateful that Jack Troughton thought sufficiently well of me
that he recommended me for membership to this Club following our Past President’s interview.
Jack, I am sorry I can’t be at today’s meeting. But I want you to know that I, Past President Jean,
Vice-President Ali, and all of our colleagues assembled, as well as those who are not able to be
present today, hold you in the highest possible regard and esteem, and hope to see you at many
more Rotary meetings to come.
All the best