Posted by Brett Brooking
The draws for the 2020 Ottawa Rotary Cash Calendar have begun. Stay tuned and thank you for supporting the Ottawa Rotary Cash Calendar!
Ticket #AmountName      CityWin Date
0879$25Win LeblancNepean, ON12-Feb-20
0151$25Leslie RourkeOttawa, ON13-Feb-20
0173$100Shiela ForhanOttawa, ON14-Feb-20
1983$25Nora SobolovSan Jose, CA15-Feb-20
1383$50Cecil BradleyOttawa, ON16-Feb-20
0788$25Catherine MilleyOttawa, ON17-Feb-20
0317$50Heather and Barry BartlettKemptvile, ON18-Feb-20
Congratulation to the winners and good luck to everyone who supported this fundraiser!