Posted by Brett Brooking
Our website lottery draws will resume when our weekly meetings are back in session
The draws for the 2020 Ottawa Rotary Cash Calendar have begun. Stay tuned and thank you for supporting the Ottawa Rotary Cash Calendar!
Ottawa Rotary Cash Calendar Winners, February 26 to March 10, 2020
Ticket #AmountName      CityWin Date
1073$50Kristin RadfordOttawa, ON26-Feb-20
2582$20Katherine RobertsonHalifax, NS27-Feb-20
3286$25Paul BastienOrleans, ON28-Feb-20
3936$50April DojakKemptvile, ON29-Feb-20
0899$20Linda LeBlancOrleans, ON01-Mar-20
1631$20Shaun M BugyraOttawa, ON02-Mar-20
0271$25Eric EburneGatineau, QC03-Mar-20
2035$50Rick WhitmanOttawa, ON04-Mar-20
1891$50Derrick FullerOttawa, ON05-Mar-20
0593$25Kristen HoltManotick, ON06-Mar-20
0858$50Carole ChristieFredericton, NB07-Mar-20
0919$25Evan ThompsonOttawa, ON08-Mar-20
2623$50Francine Ste-CroixMoonbeam, ON09-Mar-20
0537$200Dr. Richard ChristieOttawa, ON10-Mar-20
Congratulation to the winners and good luck to everyone who supported this fundraiser!