Apr 16, 2019
Dr Geoff Outerbridge
“World Spine Health Programs” Introduced: Dr. Dirk Keenan

Dr Geoff Outerbridge is a senior clinician for World Spine Health, an outreach organization setting up spinal health practitioners in third world countries.   MSK disorders including spine are the number one cause of disability world wide and in the third world.  Current first world medical practices are too expensive, and technology driven to be successfully used in the third world.  Dr Outerbridge was selected by Dr. Scott Haldeman, a chiropractor and a medical neurologist to head up several of these clinics which are being supported and integrated into the countries where they function. The story is unique, the problem of disability is world wide and epidemic, and the solution that is being provided is ground-breaking and self sustaining as community members are being brought to Canada to become educated as clinicians.