Posted by Brett Brooking
With the reduction of Covid-19 restrictions, we have been able to resume our 2020 Cash Calendar draws.  We're working hard to get caught up as soon as possible.
There are so many to post, they won't fit in this box, click Read More... below to see the list of catch-up winners so far!  Or visit the 2020 Rotary Cash Calendar Website to see the entire 2020 list.  And thank you for supporting the Ottawa Rotary Cash Calendar!
Ottawa Rotary Cash Calendar Winners, March 11 to April 28, 2020
Ticket #AmountName      CityWin Date
0496$25Hugh P MundellOttawa, ON11-Mar-20
2118$20Dolly CrawfordKemptvile, ON12-Mar-20
2499$50Gayle DiguerOrleans, ON13-Mar-20
0209$50Rehana KennedyOttawa, ON14-Mar-20
1489$25Monique SauveOttawa, ON15-Mar-20
2452$100Amy ChantignyOrleans, ON16-Mar-20
0370$50James ForthMarkham, ON17-Mar-20
3568$25James FisherOttawa, ON18-Mar-20
0145$25Hanh McGrathOttawa, ON19-Mar-20
0510$50Andrew HawelArnprior, ON20-Mar-20
2732$25Diane VilleneuveCantley, PQ21-Mar-20
1033$50Marg & Glenn CoughtryNepean, ON22-Mar-20
0552$25Brent EmmersonLuskville, PQ23-Mar-20
3803$20David ArcherOro-Medonte, ON24-Mar-20
1430$50Rebecca ZunderNepean, ON25-Mar-20
2547$25Tena ConellyStittsville, ON26-Mar-20
2567$100David ElhadadStittsville, ON27-Mar-20
3777$25Chanelle SchreyerOttawa, ON28-Mar-20
0579$50Dave CooperSt John's, NL29-Mar-20
3889$25Barry NabatianOttawa, ON30-Mar-20
0541$120Adriane CoveyNepean, ON31-Mar-20
0983$25Timothy MartonOttawa, ON01-Apr-20
3835$25Steve UsherOttawa, ON02-Apr-20
0443$50T. MackOttawa, ON03-Apr-20
2328$50Constance NublesNepean, ON04-Apr-20
1136$25Val ZimmermanKanata, ON05-Apr-20
0175$100Helen McFarlaneOttawa, ON06-Apr-20
2729$25Sylvain & Jill CharbonneauClarence Creek, ON07-Apr-20
1421$20Deb FowlerKanata, ON08-Apr-20
2128$50Mr. Duncan CampbellOxford Mills, ON09-Apr-20
2843$25Albert ColeOttawa, ON10-Apr-20
2804$200John & Barb CarmichaelGreely, ON11-Apr-20
2434$50Lisa McMillenOttawa, ON12-Apr-20
3792$25Ken MurrayKanata, ON13-Apr-20
2346$50Dr. Howard CohenOttawa, ON14-Apr-20
1600$25Bailey ThompsonOttawa, ON15-Apr-20
3634$50Sharlene SwimmingsKemptvile, ON16-Apr-20
0833$25Susan & Shawn RileyKanata, ON17-Apr-20
3866$50Merle MitchellSutton West, ON18-Apr-20
3569$50Andrew BeamishOttawa, ON19-Apr-20
0261$25Kim GirouxOttawa, ON20-Apr-20
3937$20Terry Patrick BarberAthens, ON21-Apr-20
2323$100Carol-Ann DegruyterOttawa, ON22-Apr-20
2220$25Coral LaurPort Elgin, ON23-Apr-20
2611$20Elva LabelleVars, ON24-Apr-20
3761$50Dinesh ThaleshvarOrleans, ON25-Apr-20
3804$25Mike EdmondsSimcoe, ON26-Apr-20
0494$50Ken ColbourneOttawa, ON27-Apr-20
0567$20Viola BakerSt John's, NL28-Apr-20
Congratulation to the winners and good luck to everyone who supported this fundraiser!